1 AWESOME Blog TRICK For High Traffic

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First of all, I want to let you know that I thought about this cool method, but I wasn’t sure how exactly I should do it.
Thanks to Suzi from StartAMomBlog – I now know how to do it in a smart and organized way 🙂

If you are new to blogging and want to learn more about it – I highly recommend Suzi’s “Blog By Number Course

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Disclaimer – This post contains affiliate links where I receive a payment if you purchase something from the affiliate links.
Don’t worry – it doesn’t make the product more expensive.

Get High Traffic To Your Blog

Enough blabbering here….I want you to learn 1 AWESOME trick that will help you get a lot of traffic to your blog.
99% of bloggers miss out on this very powerful method! Hopefully, you will use it and have a ton of traffic to your awesome blog 🙂

Start Creating New Friendships with already successful bloggers

The method is called: Blogger Outreach
The idea is to contact other bloggers that already have a good amount of readers and that they have high page views to their blog. If you write great and useful content that can help their blog then they will be happy to post your content on their blog. 🙂

Isn’t that just AWESOME?! You will get a link pointing back to your blog (from your post on the successful blogger’s blog) and that way you too will benefit from the post you wrote for their blog.
What I LOVE about blogging is that there is no competition! And EVERYONE else (bloggers) are very nice and are happy to help new bloggers.

I find that just AMAZING! I come from the Internet Marketing business…where it works totally different. So I am GLAD I became a mama blogger! 😉

Here is what needs to be done for Blogger Outreach

Step 1

You will want to download the Bloggers Outreach Helpsheet Before you do your research. You can download it here.

Step 2

You will need to investigate and find out other bloggers that are in the same niche as you are. For example My blog is about moms and the opportunity to make an income from home. So When I do my research I look for other mama bloggers that have great and useful content about moms that work from home.

Step 3

Find the contact information on their blog. Usually, most bloggers have a “Contact” page that you can find their email or they have a contact form you can fill out on that page.

Step 4

Check and see how many pageviews, Facebook followers, Pinterest followers and other social media followers they have. You will want to contact a blogger that already has a good amount of followers.

Step 5 

Get noticed by the blogger by showing theme that you enjoy their content. There is nothing more uplifting to receive a positive comment on a blog post – the blogger then knows that he/she write great content 🙂 and useful for other people. I know that I personally am a Happy Blogging Mom when I receive positive feedback on my posts.

Step 6

Follow them on social media – see what they are doing….comment on there – you are building a long lasting relationship with other bloggers.

Step 7

Ask the blogger – After you are friends – If there is any option for you to provide them with good content and post it on their blog.

That’s all. After the blogger posts your content on their blog – you will get GREAT traffic to your blog. I find this method to be AWESOME because you have the option to create yourself new blogger friends and that is so COOL!

There is nothing better than sharing your struggles with bloggers that were there too and they also went through up’s and down’s along with their blogging journey 🙂 Don’t be afraid if a blogger will deny your request! Remember, there are a lot of other fish in the sea! I believe that most of the bloggers will be happy to help you out!

Great in-depth post about this method can be found here

Download your Blogger Outreach helpsheet here

Hope you find this post useful! 🙂 and please take action! The worst thing that can happen is that you will recieve a “no thanks”. You have nothing to lose!
Please leave a comment bellow if you found this post useful and you are going to try it out! Feel free to start with me! 😉

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