Make Your Blog Friendly With These Plugins

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I just want to congrats you on your way creating your own blog! That’s so EXCITING and AWESOME! 🙂

Here is a list of plugins you can add to your blog

1. Akismet – If you don’t want to be spammed with a lot of spam comments I highly recommend you subscribe to the monthly membership. The last thing you want when you are a blogger is trying to get rid of all of the spammers that try to spam your blog. Trust me….It can be a really pain in the butt. So this plugin will do the job for you.
If you are just new to blogging then you can start with the basic plan…as your blog grows you would want to purchase a plan that will fit your needs.

2. Google Analytics – This will help you understand what people are reading on your blog, which posts are the best ones, how many page reviews you have and a lot more useful information a blogger needs for the blog.

3. Yoast SEO – This will help you see if your post is written well for the Search Engine Optimization. If you want your post to show up on google 1st page this plugin will guide you what to do.

4. W3 Total Cache –  As a blogger you want your readers to stay on your blog. This plugin will speed up the loading time of your blog. People wouldn’t enjoy a blog if it’s too slow.

5. Social Media Buttons – As a blogger you really want your readers to follow you on some or all of your social networks. Why? Because you will post your new posts on your social networks account and they will be informed that you created a new post on your blog.

6. Social Media Share Buttons – You need this for your blog so that your readers can share your AWESOME post with their friends on social media 🙂

7. Pretty Link – If you plan to write posts on your blog that contains affiliate links – This plugin will help you create personalized links so that you will have a nicer URL link than what the affiliate websites provides you with.

8. WP Smush – Going to use a lot of pictures on your blog? Then this blog will help you keep your images nice and they will shrink the size for you. So that the images won’t slow your blog.

This post will get updated if I find more useful plugins along my blogging journey 🙂

Don’t have a blog yet – Here you can learn how to start your own blog 


Disclaimer – This post contains affiliate link where I get a commission from them.

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