How to Overcome Your Fears Writing Your 1st Blog Post

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Stuck and don’t know what to write about?!
Read this post!

So, Yes!
I have been there too!  otherwise, you wouldn’t be here reading my blog!


This blog wasn’t the first blog I created, I had a few more other blogs before this one – and if I have to be honest with you, those blogs didn’t have any posts on them, or they might have a post or two, can’t remember.

My point here is that I have noticed a pattern.

I always was so excited about creating a new blog! Each and every time I created one!

I mean really excited…I always told myself….”now this time I will finally create a useful and helpful blog for anyone that is interested in my niche.”

So, I went and bought a new domain – connected it to my hosting account and then I installed WordPress on it.

I then installed a few plugins and put a nice theme on it, wrote an “about me” page….and Vwollla! I had a blog up and running!!! YIPEE!!!

How exciting is that! Right?!

But then…..Dam (Each and every time this happened to me!)! What should I write my 1st post about?!?!?!?!?! YIKES!!!!

I MUST write something really useful so that my readers will like my blog and always come back to read my posts. So I always told myself that it’s o.k…

I will just think about it for a few days and I will come up with something good!
But NOPE! Didn’t happen! I just freaked out and left the blog to die!

So, If you are like me – and you are!!! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here reading this post- right?

I want to let you know that your 1st blog post DOES NOT have to be a PERFECT blog post!

Most likely, not many people will read it anyway.

And if you did write a great post then you are AWESOME!

I want to encourage you to just start writing! Of course, you should write about something that is about your niche.  

But if it’s also too complicated for you to decide what you want to write about I want you to just publish a post! It doesn’t really matter about what!

Just take ACTION!!!

 Because if you say to yourself that you will come up with a good topic, then time might fly and you will forget about your blog and how you were so excited to open a new blog.

Just like it happened to me…not once, not twice but many many times that I can’t even remember how many times. OOPS! I finally made it with this blog though!

What I want you to do NOW! Is go to your blog…and create a “new post” and simply start writing! o.k.?!

If you really need to take a 15 minute to think about what you will write about…then please be my guest and take that time! But NO longer than that!!!

Turn off your phone, facebook, email etc….and just concentrate on your 1st blog post!

You can do this! Trust me!!!!

If I did it…YOU can too!!! no dought!!!

Here are a few headline ideas that can help you come up with a post:

  • How To ________________
  • The Top Secret Of ________________
  • 10 Ideas for ______________
  • The #1 Reson ________________
  • My Biggest Mistack with _______________

I really hope that you get the idea here! I just want you to start taking ACTION!!!

You can truly make this happen!!! When you write your first post, stop thinking about what your readers will say and if they will like it or not! Your blog will grow in time…

and you will come up with many more ideas….give yourself time to come up with killer content…..for now…just start!

If you found this post hopeful and it helped you take your first step for writing your 1st blog post, please leave a comment below!!!

I really want to know if this post helped others just START! 🙂

After you create your 1st blog post you would want to submit it to Google’s index

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