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Rapidly Grow Your Email List - FREE Course!

Rapidly Grow Your Email List
Rapidly Grow Your Email List

Are you struggling with…

  • Trying to find an idea for a freebie/incentives/opt-ins to offer for your subscribers
  • Getting people to sign up to your freebie offer
  • Have no idea how to design a freebie that will attract people to sign up to your newsletter
  • How and where to promote your freebie offer so that you will have a lot more subscribers

If you are struggling with all the mentioned above, then you should definitely sign up to this FREE course!

In this free course you will learn:

  • The importance of building an email list
  • How to use ConvertKit to build your list
  • All about freebies! How to come up with an AMAZING offer that your readers can’t resist signing up to. I will share with you one simple (yet very effective) way to brainstorm ideas for your freebie and how NOT to waste your time on a freebie that no one will sign up for.
  • How to design your freebie using Canva
  • How to upload your freebie to your blog
  • How to create a web form using ConvertKit
  • 7 ways to grow your list FAST!
  • How to promote your freebie to RAPIDLY grow your email list! 😉