This Resource page is here to help you see what tools, courses, and products I use for my blogging business 🙂 The programs that I share with you on this page are programs/courses that I purchased and used! I am sharing this with you so that you can have success with your blogging business and to help you make your life much easier! 😉
Hopefully, you will find this page useful!

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links – if you purchase through my link I will earn a commission. These services are the ones that I use and recommend for others. I won’t recommend anything I never use or tried out myself.



NamecheapI purchase all of my domains from this site. I usually look for a coupon, and I get a few cents off the domain. I only each .com domains!



I use Siteground for hosting my website. This company has amazing customer service. If you need help with anything, you can contact them, and they will respond to you right away! Highly recommended! When your site is hosted on SiteGround, your site is in good hands! 😉


If you are serious about blogging, then ConvertKit is the email service provider to use! 🙂 This email service provider was created especially for bloggers! So, if you want to take your blog to the next level, I highly recommend you use ConvertKit as your email service provider! They have the most “Good Looking” web forms, and their service is amazing!



If you don’t have the money to spend on an autoresponder, you should check out MailerLite. They give you a free account up to 1000 subscribers. I find it very easy to use because their system is friendly. If you money to invest into a good autoresponder, ConverKit is highly recommended!

Blogging Tools


Now, this tool is AMAZING! 😉 I LOVE it! I highly recommend this tool for all the bloggers that have grammar difficulties or that English is not their first language. Grammarly will do WONDERS for your blogging journey! 😉 It will make your blog better because your grammar will be awesome! 😉


I use PicMonkey almost on a daily basis! It helps me create BEAUTIFUL pins and images for my blog post! I highly recommend PicMonkey for anyone that want’s to create beautiful images and pins! 😉 If you are wondering what it is, it’s an image editing online service.


Blogging Courses I HIGHLY recommend!

I took every one of these courses! I share them with you because I truly believe that they can be a game changer for your success as a blogger! For me, they helped a LOT!

Blog By Number

Blog by Number hard-cover-top-3 squareI can’t recommend this course enough! For me, it changed my game with blogging and in the online world. Suzi is an AMAZING mom, teacher, and blogger. It is awesome to see that other mom’s out there are KILLING it with their blogs. This course is laid out in a way that it is easy to learn and it is very easy to start taking action! I created a video reviewing this course, and I also created a blog post review. If you would like, you can also read the interview post I did with Suzi!

 Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketin

If you are looking to monetize your blog with Affiliate Marketing, this course is the BEST course you can find that will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. Michelle teaches you everything you need to so that you will have great success as an affiliate marketer. I knew a LOT about affiliate marketing (before I took her course), and still, this course had some awesome stuff to teach me. I highly recommend this course if you are serious about affiliate marketing.

Pinterest Strategies



Write To 1K

logo-for-Write-Your-Way-to-Your-First-1KIf you want to become a freelance writer and you want to know how exactly and what exactly you need to do, this course is AMAZING! Elna lays out the content in a way that it is easy to learn! There is a lot of information on the course, so it’s worth every $!
You will learn to do everything you need to be a successful freelance writer. I also have an awesome review with Elna. You can read it here!

Freebie Creation Steps - FREE Checklist

This is a Step-By-Step checklist that will guide you through creating your freebies! :)

This will help you to remember EVERYTHING you need to do to create your freebie! 

Start creating your freebies with ease! :)

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FREE Checklist – “Freebie Creation Steps”


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