Top 3 Tips For Creating EYE-CATCHING Images/Pins For Your Blog

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Are you struggling to create EYE-CATCHING images/pins for your blog?

Does it take you hours among hours to create only 1 pin?

Or maybe you really hate creating your blog images/pins because your designing skills aren’t the best?!

I am going to be totally honest with you guys, and I want to let you know that for me, it took at least 2 hours to create 1 single pin for 1 blog post!

Yep, I am that kind of person that wants everything to look “professional.” (That doesn’t mean that my pins were always perfect! Far from that! Hahaha…I have to admit this with you guys – they were terrible!)

In this post, I am going to share with you 3 AMAZING tips that will help you create your blog images in an easy and fast way! <== Yep! You read that right! 🙂 EASY AND FAST!

Woo Hoo!


I am all into “Working Smarter and NOT herder!

O.k. Before we start, I want to show you a few of my older pins which I thought that looked “WOW” when I created them but when looking at them now…OMG! Hahaha…

And here are my better-looking “professional” pins…

After I created over 50+ pins/images/opt-ins for my blog, I am going to share with you my top 3 tips that will help you create STUNNING images/pins that people will want to click! 🙂 (We are all into traffic baby, aren’t we?! 😉 )

Side note: I know I am talking here about my pins, but these tips are for any images you create for your blog! From blog post images to opt-in’s, eBook, and more!

The tools that I use for creating all of my blog images/pins are PicMonkey and Canva. (Canva has a FREE plan. PicMonkey has a monthly payment plan.)

My Top 3 Tips For Creating AMAZING Images For Your Blog

1. Use ONLY 1-3 different fonts!

It is IMPORTANT that when you are creating your pins, DO NOT overuse different fonts!


Because when you have an image that has a lot of different fonts (4 and up), people tend to “skip” that image because it has too much “going on”! It “hurts” the reader’s eyes.

Your goal is to create images/pins that are “eye-catching” for your targeted audience and therefore, it is highly recommended that your images/pins will be “eye friendly” and not have too much “noise” (many fonts) on them.

2. Use a MAX of 2-3 colors.

If you have branding colors, then you might want to consider using them when you create your images/pins for your blog posts, opt-ins or blog images.


Because this will make your blog look “fresh and clean” and not chaos!

When you have too much going on, on your blog (bright cold colors, images that don’t match, etc…), most people will just want to leave your blog and never come back to your blog! 🙁

So, try to be consistent with your brand colors on your blog to avoid readers leaving your blog.

Although your pins don’t have to be consistent with the same colors all the time! Pins are different! When creating pins, you can create some pins that do have your brand colors so that it will be easier for your fans to recognize your content and they will “click” on them because they are your fans.

But… It’s highly recommended to create all kind of pins! Because you never know which unbranded pins will bring you new “raving fans” 😉

3. Use Pre-Designed Templates!

Now, this tip is a no-brainer for anyone that wants to SAVE a LOT of time and a LOT of headaches!

If you are struggling to create images/pins every time you create a new post, then I HIGHLY recommend you to create a few draft templates (which you can use over and over again) for your images/pins! This tip alone will cut your image creation process in half of the time! NO KIDDING!

But, if you are struggling to create EYE-CATCHING images and you have ZERO designing skills what so ever then, I HIGHLY recommend you grap my 5 free templates that you can use for FREE! 😉 These templates will help you save time and you will be able to create “EYE CATCHING” pins within minutes!

I now create my blog images within MINUTES! It’s just AMAZING! Now, I have more time to focus on other important blog tasks! Woo Hoo! 🙂


There is nothing more important than creating the first impression for your readers! You MUST make a GREAT experience for your readers the moment they “bump” into your blog!

Therefore it is VERY IMPORTANT to take your time and put your efforts into creating beautiful/eye-catching images/pins for your blog! 🙂

Remember, your pins, are essential for gaining traffic to your blog! If your pins “suck” (sorry for my language here…but I must be honest with you) then you won’t get much traffic to your blog as you would like to get!

If you are serious about your blog, and you want to take your blog from a “hobby” blog to a real business blog, then you will need to take your time and create your own blogging templates or save your self the time and download my pin templates for free

I really hope that you found this post to be helpful!

Please share or pin this post and spread the love! 🙂

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