What Content Should You Send In Your Newsletters?! Here Are 7 Great Ideas!

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There are no secrets that building your own email list is a MUST if you want to be a successful blogger.

Therefore it is highly recommended to start building your list from day 1!

But, What the heck are you supposed to send to your subscribers?!

AWESOME! You have a list! But what now?! What are you supposed to send in your newsletter?! Here are 7 ideas that you can send in your newsletter that your subscribers will thank you for sending them! Click Here to read more!

(If you don’t have an email list yet, and you want to start building your list I highly recommend ConvertKit for your email list service provider. They will collect all your email subscribers. On a side note, ConvertKit was specially made for bloggers in mind! 😉 )

When I first started to build my own list, I had no clue what to send to my list. I knew that I had to send something to my subscribers, but what?!

Here are a few tips on what you should do before you start building a list:

First, decide how often you want to send out a new newsletter!


Because it will help you stay connected with your readers, and that will help them not to forget who you are. (Because nowadays, people subscribe to many blogs and websites and if they don’t hear from them often, they tend to forget who they subscribed too and then simply unsubscribe.)

Also, you will want to set up a “Welcome” email sequence and inform your readers how often they will hear from you(Once a week? Twice a week?) What kind of content they should expect receiving from you in your newsletters. Etc…

If you would like to learn how to create the perfect “welcome” email, you can read how to create one here.

You should know that it doesn’t matter if you have only 10 subscribers on your list, you should start sending them newsletters on a weekly/monthly basis. (it’s typically recommended to send an email at least once a week or even twice.)

All this is AWESOME! But….

….you probably are asking yourself, “what should I send in my newsletters?!?!?!”

Here is a list of 7 things you can write about in your newsletter and your subscribers will thank you for sending them this info! 🙂

1) New blog posts and upcoming news

If you published a new blog post or if you have anything new on your blog – you can share that with your email list!

Why? Because they subscribed to your list and therefore they love your content already!  So, why not share with them your new content?

2) Share with them great posts from other bloggers!

If you read a blog post and you found it to be beneficial and informative, why not share it with your subscribers?! They will thank you for that! When I send a newsletter to my list about a great post I read, I get a high open rate, and I also get emails back from my subscribers thanking me for sharing it with them! 😉

3) Share with them a personal story from your life

People LOVE to read about others people’s experiences, especially if it’s something that they can relate to themselves! So, if you have an interesting story to tell, share it with your subscribers!
For example, If you have a blog about motherhood and your toddler through a tantrum in the mall this week, share with your subscribers what happened and what saved you from that situation.

4) Send them a short survey

Surveys are great because it will help you know better what to write about and which courses to create. It will teach you what your readers like to read about or what they would like to learn more about. Try to make the survey short 3-5 questions. (on a side note, Opinion Stage is an excellent option for creating surveys)

5) Special discounts (on your courses or products)

That is ONLY for your subscribers – If you have a product you created, give your subscribers a special discount on it. This will make them feel special and also they will be pleased to have a discount from you! It will make them feel good that they subscribed to your list!

6) Did you create a new freebie?!

Let your subscribers know about it! They will thank you for that! 😉

7) A great deal that is now offered!

Inform your subscribers about the deal! Don’t spam them with the deal. Just be honest with them and let them know that you are sharing the deal with them because you personally loved the course/product. People like honesty! 🙂

Critical tips for writing successful newsletters:

  • Don’t overwhelm them with 3-4 different topic in one email. Be focused and have one goal in mind! I.e., Informing them about a new blog post and that’s it.
  • Don’t try to promote any affiliate products. (You can do so, only if you already talked about the upcoming sale in a previous email. It is recommended to remind your subscribers, in the P.S. section of your email)
  • Create curiosity. Inform your subscribers what they can expect from you in your next newsletter. This simple tip will help you have a higher open rate because people will wait for your next email with your promise! 😉
  • Ask your readers to engage with you! Tell them that you would like to hear their opinion. Let them know that you really care about them and that you would love hearing back from them! This is important because it will build a real relationship with your subscribers and they will never unsubscribe from you because you really care about them!

Awesome! I really hope that these ideas and tips helped you and now you have an idea what to send in your next newsletter! 🙂

But, if you are still struggling to come up with newsletter ideas, my friend, Chantel (from bloggingwithasmile.com) has an amazing 101 fill-in-the-blank email templates. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to writing a new newsletter. 🙂

Go here to read more about these helpful templates! 😉

Please let me know in the comment below if you found this post useful! I really like hearing your opinion about my posts!

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7 thoughts on “What Content Should You Send In Your Newsletters?! Here Are 7 Great Ideas!”

  1. Great ideas Eva! My reminder just popped up today for my next newsletter. You must be reading my mind. LOL!
    Hope you have a great day

  2. Christine

    Thanks for the tips! I never thought about including a link to another blogger before, but that’s a great idea. I’m going to try it next time.

    1. You’re very much welcome! 🙂 Yes, including a great read from other bloggers is a win-win for all! 😉

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