What to Do When You Have an Unmotivated Day

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We all know that AWESOME excitement and powerful feeling when we decided that we want to create an amazing and successful profitable blog!!!

We are all pumped, and so motivated that we are hooked to our computer screen (as much as we can) and we try to do everything we can to make our blog grow, and grow FAST!

But what happens when all the excitement and powerful moments go away?!

All of our expectations that we will get a huge amount of traffic to our blog within weeks, and then the reality hits us when we check out our google analytics account that our page views are barely 10 per day.

unmotivated days post

Yes, I have those days too! Let’s admit it, almost EVERYONE goes through those hard days!

In this post I am going to share with you some tips that I use, when I have those kinda “not so fun” days.

Tip 1 – Don’t lose hope!

I know, when you are going through a tuff day, the most ANNOYING advice you can hear from someone is that there is hope and that you will make it…you just gotta believe in yourself! Because if you don’t, no one will!!!

Probably you are saying to yourself “What the?! Can’t you see I am hopeless here and unmotivated?!?!”

Yes, I am here to tell you that you MUST not lose hope just because you are unmotivated and just because you are going through a bad day! Along with this AMAZING blogging journey, you will have many days that you will feel unmotivated and hopeless.

It’s totally o.k. to have such days! You are a normal human being! Everyone have those type of days! Even the BIG successful bloggers.

Tip 2 – Don’t listen to your negative voice

Yep, that same annoying voice that tells you to quit!

That voice that tells you that you are just wasting your time and that your blog won’t be successful because there are a thousand more other bloggers that blog in your same niche and that are way successful than you. And that they are already an established blogger in your niche.

That voice that tells you that your blog won’t grow and won’t be a successful one because your content sucks…(which probably is totally not true!)

That voice that tells you that your blog is just a new blog…and that it won’t succeed because it’s new!

REMEMBER EVERY blog started at some point! Right?!

Tip 3 – Don’t work on your blog 

I am being totally serious here!

Just take a step back from working on your blog for a day or two. Because when you are unmotivated, your posts won’t come out well, you will just be so disappointed about everything you do that day, that it will just bring you down.

So, just give yourself a break.

Breath, Everything is O.K.! You can take a break! Think about it for a moment, The world managed to live years before you created your blog, and it will continue to exist if you decide to take a break for a day or two!

Tip 4 – Remember why you started your blog

O.k. I am not going to tell you “Go look at your dream board” because I HATE dream boards! hahaha….I am so not a fan of that BS.

I simply remind myself “Why I really want this blog to take off” “why I started it and what’s my BIG goal of creating it” (I will write a post about my CRAZY goals in the near future…I didn’t write it yet because it probably won’t interest anyone 🙂 )

When you will remember why you truly started your blog, it will remind you the feeling and excitement you had when you just created your blog!

And BOY that excitement was AMAZING! right?!

Tip 5 – Work on stuff related to your blog 

Yes, I know….in tip 3 I told you not to work on your blog.

In this tip, I am telling you to work on the “Back-end” of your blog. So that you will still be productive on these hopeless days.

work on stuff that will help and GROW your blog.

Read my post about how to grow your page views here

Download this PDF that will show you what kinda things you can do on your unmotivated days that will still help grow your blog business.

What to do on unmotivated days


Just REMEMBER that these days will pass and that your blog is UNIQUE because each and every one of us has a special voice to share to the world!

Don’t be HARD on yourself and as I said in the post above, If you need to, TAKE a BREAK!

I really REALLY hope that this post gave you some great tips to go through your unmotivating days. I know, these days are hard to go through, but I really promise you that they will pass!

If you are struggling through a bad day or just feel unmotivated at the moment please leave a comment bellow and I will do my best to help you out! 😉

Feel free to email me as well 😉


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27 thoughts on “What to Do When You Have an Unmotivated Day”

    1. AWW… Thank you so MUCH dear!!!
      I know, these days can really make you feel so down and hopeless.
      So I wanted to help others out and show that there are things that you can do on these annoying days and still grow your business! 😉

  1. Yes! I agree with all of these, ESPECIALLY #2 – my negative voice. This is one of my biggest obstacles. I always think my content is just not good enough sometimes, mostly cause I’m a perfectionist. It helps to have a good “tribe” and so far they have been the biggest help in helping me get better at this.

    1. AWWWW…
      Thank you SO MUCH, my dear! 😉
      I know, #2 is wicked! hahahaha….but we will win that voice! Right?! 😉

    1. Thank you SO MUCH!
      I really want to help others with their blogging journey! I know that there are days that are HARD….but it’s important not to give up! ????

  2. I’m a first time reader and LOVE how REAL you are. You’re direct and straight to the point. I just love it. All of your tips are so realistic and this post is so relatable. You my friend, have a fan in me. xo

    1. WOW!!!!
      You really TOUCHED me with your words!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for commenting with so much care and love!!! 🙂
      I promise to deliver ONLY valuable content on my blog! 😉

  3. Hi Eva,

    OH, yes, the feeling you get when you’re pouring your heart out on your blog, yet no one’s reading.

    Crickets like blog posts right?

    It is a good reminder that every single blog started at 0.

    I’m a new blogger, it’s only been a few months, and yeah, it’s really hard when you feel like you’re just not getting any traction. I love your post on How To Grow Your Blog Traffic. I’ve got that one bookmarked!

    Or maybe you just do not feel like it. I get in these moods sometimes where I just CANNOT seem to do it. I shared about that in this post, When You Just Don’t Feel Like It. For me, it’s always just trying to figure out what triggered my lack of motivation. Am I sick, tired, worried? Like what is it?

    Although I guess that’s also true for any business.

    For my own motivation, your #4 is it for me. Just remembering why I’m doing this, even though it’s hard and I feel like I’m balancing ten plates on all my limbs and just hoping that at the end of the day it will pay off.


    I try and remind myself that I can do this, because like you said I’m not the first to try. It is definitely doable!

    Thanks for the encouragement,

    Nadalie, It’s All You Boo
    My New Post: What’s Your Superpower?

    1. AWWW dear!
      Now, this is an AMAZING comment!
      Thanks for taking your time and commenting on my blog! it means the world to me! 😉
      Thanks for bookmarking the post!
      Yes, the beginning is HARD! But it will be worth it in the LONG run!
      If you would like to chat with me more and just have someone to “PUSH” your forward…please feel free to contact me!
      BTW! WOW! What a LONG and detailed post on your blog! Gotta save this for later so I can read through it! 😉
      I can see that you are serious about your blog! Keep it up dear!

  4. OMG, you must be reading my mind lol. Every other day, I tell my fiancé, this is the worst idea I’ve ever had. No one cares what i have to say, there’s too many people who write about my niche (essential oils) I also write about mental health issues (my sister, who was my best friend, killed herself 18 months ago) etc etc etc lol. And then i think to myself, what if I can help someone with what I have to say. What if someone is going through the same thing as me and I can help them. And that keeps me going. This was an amazing post. Thank you

    1. OOOO… I am SO SORRY to hear about your best friend, your sister!!! 🙁 You really touched me there! 🙁
      Keep on going with your blog dear! Yes, it can seem so FRUSTRATING…and that there are SO MANY other AWESOME blogs out there…and why would anyone “bump” into my content?!
      But, You will GROW!!! If you are consistent and promote your blog EVERYDAY!
      Please keep your voice going in this world! Remember! Your voice is unique! So continue to sing! 😉 and you will attract your audience that will LOVE hearing you sing! 😉

  5. Very much needed this today, definitely feeling unmotivated lately. Great tips! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi Eva,

    Great blog post, I totally understand what you mean about being excited to start your blog only to realize how much hard work goes into growing a blog.

    It’s extremely easy to find yourself unmotivated after seeing that no one is reading your blog posts. Great tips on what to do.

    The way that I stay motivated is to have my why in front of me. I’ve realized that if my why is strong enough then I’ll keep pushing myself everyday.

    That’s one of the reasons that I write 3-7 weeks of content in advance. It’s great to know that I always have content ready to post even if I do step away from my blog. Plus with the nice weather right around the corner, I won’t be spending so much time in front of the computer.

    Thanks for sharing what works for you. I know your tips will help others realize that it’s okay to feel unmotivated once in a while. There’s no shame in taking a day off.

    Have a great one.


    1. OOO…Wow! What a GREAT comment! Thanks for taking your time and commenting on my blog! 🙂
      That’s an AWESOME tip! To create content for the next 3-7 weeks! 🙂

    1. Yep!
      All of us are human! 🙂 We ALL go through hard days with business,life,relationships….
      Thanks for stopping by my blog to read my post! 😉

  7. Yes, I have had times like that when it comes to my blog. But the key is to stick with it loNg term. IT WON’T HAPPEN OVER NIGHT, BUT IT WILL HAPPEN !!

  8. Thank you so much for this. I found myself unmotivated and overwhelmed last week that I didn’t do anything. I woke up on Monday refreshed & redesigned my blog & I’m back in love. 🙂

  9. Stephanie

    I LOVE your number 3 and number 5 tips! I jut started my Blog 2 months ago and I seriously understand why people make this their full time job. It is a lot of work!! Stepping away or working on something else related to your blog is such great advice. Thanks for this post and advice!

    1. Yes! Blogging is a whole lot of HARD and fun work! ????
      Glad you enjoyed my post! ????

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