Blog By Number Course – My Honest Review

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blog-by-number-courseHere is my blog by number course review where I will share with you the good, the bad and the ugly – Just kidding! there is NO ugly in this course!!!! ONLY beauty and cuteness!

How I Found out About The Blog By Number Course:

One day I was browsing the internet – and I was looking for “feminine WordPress themes”. Somehow I  got to Suzi’s Pinterest account and I started looking through her boards. they looked so AWESOME!
I then stumbled across her board of Blogging ebook and there was one that I didn’t recognize! It was the “Blog By Number ebook”! It got my attention immediately because I saw that she is a mom as I am! And she is a Successful blogger (Which is my dream! 🙂 )!!!! That sound AMAZING straight from the beginning 🙂 – as the saying “Love From The First Sight”

I had to dig deeper to see what this course is all about and it didn’t take me long to decide that I am going to invest in her course because I wanted to see what she has to offer in it. I was tired of all the eBooks I purchased. I am a person that loves to learn from videos and not from reading an 80+ eBook.

As a mom, I don’t have much time to sit down and start reading eBooks, So I hopped right into her course! And I am so GLAD I did! It was a GAME CHANGER for me! 🙂
But if you still enjoy reading eBooks than as a bonus to this course you also get her Blog By Number Ebook!

Her course is hands down – one of the BEST – if not the BEST blogging course for all busy moms like us!!!! Suzi teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know how to start a mom blog ASAP. She doesn’t BLUFF and FLUFF about anything! She is straight to the point kinda person! And that is just AWESOME! And that’s exactly what I was looking for!

What I liked about the Blog By Number Course:

  • Her course is built especially for busy moms like us!
  • It’s a course that shows you EXACTLY what steps you need to take to create your own mommy blog! 🙂 She literally takes you hand by hand through the process!
  • It is short and to the point! I personally went through the course in a few hours (The same day I purchased it But I recommend you to take it easy…especially if you are new to blogging. I have a lot of experience in the online world so I knew a lot beforehand)
  • You get to see Suzi and her adorable daughters at the end of some videos – which shows you that if you are a mom – you too can be successful as Suzi!


  • Designed for busy moms
  • Straight and to the point
  • Short lessons
  • Organized  well
  • Suzi knows how to be a teacher 🙂
  • Helpful Worksheets (almost in every lesson)
  • The feeling that you aren’t alone! You have someone that is walking you through the process of creating your mom blog hand by hand – aka – Suzi


  • To be honest with you all….hmmmm..did not find any con’s….or maybe I did…. Suzi priced the course ridiculously LOW! So you might think that the course isn’t good enough! But it’s worth it! and way much more!

Close up

All I can say is that I highly recommend the Blog By Number Course! If you want to save yourself time (which we need as mom’s) and money then this course is a MUST for you! 😉
For me personally, it was the BEST course I ever purchased! ( And I purchased plenty! I tried everything under the sun trying to work online….
so I purchased many courses about Internet Marketing and this course is the only course that made me take massive action!)

If you are serious about blogging and you don’t know where you need to start and where to end…..then definitely sign up for this course! I promise you that you will only be happy you did so!
Suzi is a WONDERFUL person! You can email her with any question you have along with your blogging journey (after you purchased her course) and she will reply to you within a few hours. She truly is inspiring!

My Video – Blog By Number Course Review


Check out Suzi’s AMAZING blog here:

Blog By Number Course

If you want to ask me anything about this course please feel free to leave a comment bellow and I will be more than happy to help you out! 😉

Your’s truly,



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10 thoughts on “Blog By Number Course – My Honest Review”

  1. Too bad I didn’t have this before I started my blog. It sounds like it would’ve made my start much easier.

    1. OOOO…Yah! This course was one of the BEST ones I ever took!
      I wish I had invested in a course like this one…way back in May 2009! Since then I purchased many other Internet Marketing courses….and nothing worked for me! 🙁
      But now I am happy where I am at now at the moment! 😉

  2. Christina Dobynes

    I’ve been thinking about starting a blog. Might look into this course and see what’s it’s all about.

  3. james samy

    Hi Eva
    I was two minds of getting Suzi course cause like you tried many but never completed any of the ebook I bought. Some are to long.
    Thank you for the review, I am going to make decision to try it

  4. Is this course only for making a blog about moms? I would like to create a blog with art activities to do with children. Would this be helpful?

    1. Many! 😉 I am a believer that in order to be successful…we always need to continue learning! 😉

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