How You Can Get Your Blog Post Indexed on to Google

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How to index your blog post to google

Great! You finished writing your blog post…now what?…Want your post to show up on google results?
If you do, you will need to manually add your post URL to google’s URL submitter tool.

This is a very easy “to do” type of thing 🙂
What’s great about this, is that it will help your post get noticed by google without you waiting for the google bots to crawl to your blog post.

In this short post, I am going to share with you the steps that are needed to index your blog post.
In this example, I am taking my “Top 10 FREE feminine WordPress themes” blog post. It is currently not indexed on google yet.
Feel free to open a new tab window so that you can follow along! 🙂

First Step

If you want to check if your blog post is indexed or not, Simple copy and past the title of your blog post and see if your blog is showing up in the results.
If it doesn’t then your blog post isn’t indexed yet.


Second Step

Now you will need to go to the google URL submitter  (which can be found here) to submit your blog post URL


Third Step

Past you blog post URL into the “URL:” box, Check the “I am not a robot” box and then click on the “Submit Request” Button bellow.




That’s it! You successfully submitted your blog post onto google’s index. You will see a confirmation message like this:


Now you just have to wait… After an hour or two try to type into google’s search bar your blog title that you submitted in google’s tool.
It is supposed to show up after a while 🙂
For me personally – It took a few hours. (I submitted it at 4 pm and I saw my site indexed by 9 pm)


I hope you found this post useful 🙂 Please leave a comment bellow if you found this post useful! I would love to hear from you!

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8 thoughts on “How You Can Get Your Blog Post Indexed on to Google”

  1. Thank you so much! I am a brand spanking new blogger, launched on Tuesday. This was extremely helpful. I found you through your review on StartAMomBlog. thank you again!

    1. Aaawwww….Thanks dear!
      I am so happy this helped you ????
      Good luck with your new blog!

  2. Wow, I had never heard of this before. Thank you so much for providing so much value to me as a new blogger!

  3. I love your blog and reading all your posts! I didn’t know this was something we should do. Thanks so much for your help!

    1. Awww…this post is an old one… really dug deep into my blog! 🙂

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