Recommended Pages to Add on Your Blog

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When you create a new blog there are some pages you should add to your blog.
These pages are only recommendation so that it will help your blog be a little more friendly for your readers.

These are the most important pages you should be adding to your blog

About Me – It’s important to have an “About me” page for¬†your readers to see who is behind the blog. This page is like your “Business Card”. But unlike a regular business card – you can write anything about yourself. You want to be YOU when you create your “about me” page.
It’s fine for you to check other “about me” pages just to see how you should create your own page.
Please feel free to look at my “about me” page for inspiration.

There is a variety of ways that you can write your “about me” page. Some add a lot of pictures and tell their story. and some just make it short and sweet.
For me personally – I like to read short “About me” pages therefore mine is short. But you can do whatever fits you! There is no right and wrong here!

It is recommended that you add a good picture of yourself. People like to see a real person behind the blog.

If you aren’t sure what to write about – My tip for you is just start writing. Save it as a draft and then come back to it after a few hours and read it to yourself. If you like it…then it’s perfect! If you don’t like it….write again.

If you aren’t sure it’s good – ask your husband, friend or family to read it. Ask them for their opinion. It’s always good to hear someone’s else opinion. I asked my husband to read mine and he liked it! ūüôā

Disclosure/Disclaimer/Privacy Policy РIf you are planning to have affiliate links, email forms on your blog then you would want to inform your readers that your blog contains affiliate links that you will earn a commission from if they purchase through that link.

You also would want to tell your readers that you aren’t going to spam their email if they decide to share their emails with you. I think that it’s very important to tell them that you have no intention to SPAM their inbox! The last thing that people want is someone spamming their email!

Contact Me – This page is not a must. But if you want your readers to interact with you – then this page is recommended! I think that it’s important for you to hear what your readers have to say…about ANYTHING! Take care of your readers – you created your blog for them!

I know that it seems kinda overwhelming. But it’s important that you take your time to create these pages.

You can start posting on your blog even without these pages…but eventually, your goal is to create them ASAP so that if you do have traffic to your new blog – you want your blog to look friendly and welcoming.

Hope this helped you out.

Read this post if you want to write your 1st post and you are struggling with it!

If you have any questions or want to know more…please leave a comment bellow and I will try my best to help you in any way.





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